The Art of M. J. Rennie

How to Adore

adore cov


   These two short novels explore the richly sensual relationship between a dynamic, dominant woman and a younger, submissive man. In Obeying Margery, Kenneth is 18 years old, a slender, handsome youth with remarkable sexual stamina. He becomes enthralled with his mother's lesbian partner, Margery DeGrange, a beautiful woman 14 years his senior. To keep Ken from the clutches of immoral college girls, Margery begins a program of regular sexual relief, masturbating Ken daily. Later, she adds a strict regimen of corrective discipline.

   In Gratifying Gretchen, Ken, now 41 and single, drifts into the hands of the very dominant Gretchen Brantwell. As soon as her control is firmly established, Gretchen begins granting his oral services to her female supremacist friends. The book includes spanking, bondage, feminization, anal penetration, and threesomes.