The Art of M. J. Rennie


brother cover

Brotherhood is Powerless: An Anthology of Femdom Fables
By M. J. Rennie

    Fans of sophisticated Femdom are in for a treat with this all new anthology from ground-breaking author M. J. Rennie.
    While paying homage to the classic 1970 manifesto of Feminism, Sisterhood is Powerful, Rennie explores an array of liberated women who pursue an ascendant agenda over their submissive men. From the Colonel’s Lady to Judy O’Grady, these scintillating sisters assert their opinions, desires, intentions, and confident sexuality in an eclectic array of erotic interactions.
    A woman on a camping trip with her husband shares their tent and her favors with an attractive male friend in Traveling East.
    Girl with the Perfect Body features a young woman who sets her cap for a certain bashful boy, mentored by a gay male dominant.
   Time, space, and history are upended in Louise Bryant Nude, as a woman from a past century demonstrates that her dominance is anything but antique.
    Doing the Dishes describes how a sexist remark made by Grandpa at his 40th wedding anniversary results in a night of ecstasy for a certain son-in-law.
    Title tale Brotherhood is Powerless revisits a failed love affair, as a man recounts what he once had with a brainy young beauty.
  This collection will entertain Femdom aficionados everywhere, as M. J. Rennie’s gifted storytelling ignites a dynamic erotic genre.
   Explicit adult content includes feminine domination and male submission, oral sex, anal sex, strap-on sex, homosexuality, bondage, threesomes, cuckolding, kinky lifestyles, swinging, discipline, and enforced Male Chastity. ADULTS ONLY. Cover art by Rebecca.