The Art of M. J. Rennie



rubio cover


Pluz Size Signe and Submit, My Lovely

   M. J. Rennie’s Rubio is finely crafted erotic fiction, consisting of two novels celebrating assertive, independent, red-haired women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.
   The first novel, Plus Size Signe, explores the passionate life and affairs of big, beautiful, red-haired Signe. Along with her best friend Jan, Signe discovers that when it comes to love, size matters less than desire, and that genuine beauty takes many forms.
   Intelligent, sexy, and warm-hearted, Signe searches fruitlessly for a lover until she meets Daniel, a young writer of soaring ambition. Their memorable love story sparks this poignant, arousing volume.
   In the second novel, Submit, My Lovely, staffers at the sex magazine Rubio are alerted to the existence of Lucinda Ceausescu, a woman possessed of a perfect mound of red pubic hair. Lucinda’s ideal adornment is known to pubic
hair aficionados as the fabled “Red Harriet.” Rubio publisher Claudia Hubbard dispatches her top photographer to Slateville, ordering him to seduce and
photograph the woman blessed with the impeccable pelt.
   Arriving in Slateville, the intrepid photographer finds the tables turned, as Lucinda and two crimson-haired feminine comrades, Dinah Brand and Tatiana Pereshkova, take turns
dominating him sexually. Unless Claudia can somehow spring free her beloved “Mr. Photoguy,” he may become inextricably enmeshed in one of the trio’s torrid, nefarious schemes.