The Art of M. J. Rennie

Alternate Eros



ALTERNATE EROS - Femdom Stories From a Parallel Universe!
By M. J. Rennie
     If our universe isn’t the only one in existence, what might be the Feminine Dominant features of other, alternate universes? M. J. Rennie’s collection of fourteen brilliantly subversive short stories poses a wickedly erotic set of answers.
   Rennie’s offbeat tales of Ascendant Females include these gems:
   It’s Vacuum Tube Valley and the year is the iconic one. After Melinda Smith repairs the novel-writing machine, she seduces Phil Gates, an angular, near-sighted egghead in Pornosec's Control Room, in JUNGLE FEVER, 1984.
   A couple discovers that their sex life is being transformed by a forgotten photograph of a pair of deceased lovers, in THE PICTURE OF DORRY AND GRAY.
   A dominant woman uses a special garment to make her honeymoon as memorable as her fiance’s proposal of marriage, in HOODED PANTY HONEYMOON.
   A pair of political climbers discover they have many things in common besides a penchant for Feminine Dominant sex, in FIT FOR COMMAND.
   On the state-sanctioned National Socialist radio talk show network, Chester Boors is a hero, but privately with his wife Audra, he’s a groveling toady, in MARI COMPLAISANT.
   ALTERNATE EROS explores the Femdom experience in a variety of alternate dimensions, stretching the boundaries of the erotic story along the way. In this wide-ranging and stimulating collection, devotees of the Femdom genre will find the unique qualities of M. J. Rennie displayed at their very best. ADULTS ONLY. Cover art by Rebecca.