The Art of M. J. Rennie

How to Manage


An excerpt from How To Manage A Man...
By M. J. Rennie

   Whipping Todd was the breakthrough event in their budding relationship. When Molly realized that he would allow this kind of corporal punishment, she knew she could do whatever she liked with him. By accepting a whipping, Todd had shown that he would take anything she wished to dish out.
   Nevertheless, Molly assured Todd that whipping him would be a relatively rare occurrence. After that first time, they had a long conversation about how he would be rewarded if he obeyed her promptly.  
   "That whipping wasn't so bad, was it? That's what is called Negative Reinforcement. But it doesn't always have to be that way. There's also Positive Reinforcement."
Todd had to ask. "What's Positive Reinforcement?"
   Once more they were at Molly's apartment, this time accompanied her friend Rhonda, who had been privileged to see the Todd's whipping. He was still tied to the bed, his face in a couple of pillows, to help stifle his screams.
   Molly told Rhonda to go up to Todd and do her thing. Rhonda went over to the bed, lightly trailing her hand down his muscular back, across his shoulders and around his neck. She unfastened the restraints he was in and turned him over on his back, ignoring his moans as his body weight settled on his abused buttocks.
   Meanwhile, Molly reached out and gave Todd's cock a squeeze as she gazed deep into his eyes. Rhonda stood on the other side of the bed and opened her robe.
   On Molly's signal, Rhonda bent down to touch her breasts against his face and chest. Molly got on her knees and began to suck his tiny, bare nipple. Todd's moans increased in volume and intensity. Molly raised her head and spoke:
   "You see, there are all kinds of rewards for a willing slave. Do you know what it means to be a willing slave?"
   Molly, her eyes half-hidden in a lock of jet black hair, suddenly gripped Todd's meaty testicles.
   "Does it mean I have to take out the garbage?"
   Molly looked at Rhonda. They both burst out laughing. When their laughs and giggles subsided, Todd realized with a shudder that Molly's grip on his testicles had tightened considerably.
   "Of course. Taking out the garbage will be among your many duties. It also means that if I want you to don a French maid's outfit, complete with garter belt and long, sheer stockings, you will don such apparel and dust my apartment from top to bottom. I will expect you to perform these duties, and numerous others, with an immediate 'Yes Mistress' and a smile."
   Todd started to protest. He started, that is, until Rhonda slid down his body, getting down between his legs. She nuzzled Todd's cock invitingly, sending her long tongue out from between a pair of loose, pliant lips.
   "I don't think I am quite ready suck your cock yet, Todd. Lucky for you that Rhonda has an insatiable appetite for cock sucking."
   Todd whimpered like a puppy, the way puppies do before they pee on the floor. The massive thing at his front felt like a bar of iron.
In the looks department, Rhonda was a carbon copy of her Mistress Molly, both of them being a slender, lovely brunettes.
   Unfortunately, Rhonda also possessed a loud, voluble mouth. Listening to it for extended periods tended to grate on the nerves. Under Molly's guidance, Todd learned to his delight that there were moments when even a big yap like Rhonda's could be put good use.
   Now just happened to be one of those times.
Molly watched eagerly as her naked sex slave took Todd's cock between her wide, mobile lips. Although the mouth that worked Todd's gargantuan cock was usually given to making cheap wisecracks appropriate to a television sitcom, in this instance Rhonda's oversized oral cavity was finally functioning in the role most suited to it.
   Molly couldn't resist smiling as the slim brunette's head bobbed up and down, taking him in and letting him out with a powerful suctioning effect that made his head reel.
"Don't you dare come in her mouth," Molly warned him. "I have uses for your semen and I don't want you wasting it on this worthless slut, no matter how pretty she may be."
   Molly reached out with her long, nimble hands.
   "Just to make sure, let me put this device on you first." 
Handling the chore with her usual efficiency, within a few seconds Molly had Todd's massive organ fitted with an adjustable rubber cock ring. The tight band circled the base like a rope around a tree trunk. 
   At this point, Molly stretched out on left her side next to Todd, bringing her leg over his thigh. Thrusting her pelvis, she rubbed her silken pussy against his leg, bringing a guttural gasp from Todd's lips.
   He twisted and writhed on his abused butt cheeks, his rigid cock firmly held in the ecstatic oral grasp provided by Rhonda. At the same time, Molly's body attached itself to him like a leech to its prey.
   Todd strained to ejaculate in Rhonda's mouth, his cock so hard it hurt. But it would not come.
   "You see Todd, I am perfectly aware that many men and even some women have secret desires for unusual pleasures," Molly said, in a matter of fact tone of voice. "When you free your mind by reporting for submission to another, you open yourself up to the most exquisite joys. The desire for obedience is very strong within us. It is our dark side coming out. Being aware of this trait is what gives women like me special powers. The only absolute requirement that I have is that you always must confess to me your desire for another lover. I want to hear about it from you first. Finally, I forbid you to take another lover without asking permission from me. Promise me you won't."
   "I promise," Todd said.