The Art of M. J. Rennie



   An excerpt from the 2010 M. J. Rennie short story "Cartoon Universe."

   The next thing I know I am awake again, this time with a huge, aching erection. I stroke the thing idly for about ten minutes. It’s really stiff and as big as it gets, which is pretty damned big, if I do say so myself.

   Crystal turned over after a while and her slender hand went to it. “Are you ready?” she asked.

   “Sure,” I said. “What do you want me to do? Slip it in you right away or do the other thing first?”

   “Slip it in me,” she answered. She stood up and I could hear her pumping body lotion out of the bottle on her dresser.

   Crystal was fifty seven years old this past spring, my senior by three years. Despite having had two children, her body is still slim and slender as the day we met. Her hair is still blond, hardly even flecked with grey here and there. Outside the window, the waxing moon hangs like a lamp and I can see the dark points of her nipples crowning her smooth, pale breasts. Down below, the swelling V of her pubis shows similarly dark.

   My cock throbs with every spurt of the lotion. It doesn’t lose one iota of stiffness from the moment Crystal gets out of bed to the moment she returns to it. Now her hand is on me, smearing my cock with slippery gel.

   Below: A page from Barney Steel's Armageddon Comix No. 1, 1970.


   And because I am a typical sick-minded nut case, I do everything I can to prolong the act. In doing so, my thoughts turn to an underground comic book by Barney Steel I read many years ago, where the characters in it had sex similar to the kind we are having right now.

   Yeah. When they weren’t flitting from one galaxy to another, or engaging in long-winded Ayn Rand-style political diatribes, the stars of Armageddon comix, Billy Blue and Shaula Rose, fucked just like Crystal and I do.

   I’m also thinking that this is a damn sight better than the years of non-fucking Crystal and I went through when she was fat.

   Losing that forty pounds has sent Crystal’s libido soaring like the space craft that carried Shaula Rose to that frozen desert planet where her and Billy fucked and sucked their brains out.

   And every time they fucked, Billy always slipped his middle finger into Shaula’s little bunghole, just like I do Crystal.

   I really need to cum. To keep from cumming, I think:

   I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me a cartoon universe or give me death.

Below: A page from Barney Steel's Armageddon Comix No. 2, 1971.


Below: A page from Barney Steel's Armageddon Comix No. 3 - Forever 1976 Special Edition.

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