The Art of M. J. Rennie





   There is this growing Feminine Dominant movement where contemporary couples lead these astonishing private lives. The mainstream media remains resolutely ignorant of it.
   M. J. Rennie is among the most talented writers to explore this submerged network, chronicling the experiences of Dominant Women and their male consorts with accuracy, sympathy, and singular literary skill.
   Rennie’s long-awaited WORSHIPPED WIVES documents a profound social shift, where the female partner controls the male, using psychological, emotional, and ingenious mechanical means.
   In the style of such classics as PERMISSION and MALE CHASTITY, the women at the center of WORSHIPPED WIVES learn that the twin problems of male masturbation and male infidelity are effectively solved through the installation of a secure polycarbonate plastic Chastity Device on a man’s genitals.
   From first date to the honeymoon and subsequent years of marital bliss, Keyholders like Victoria, Lori, Katrina, and Annalese constantly nurture the submissive tendencies of their husbands, using Chastity, strict discipline, humilation, cunnilingus, strap-on sex, and Feminization to achieve their sacred romantic ends.
   But however well-intentioned our heroines might be, they are still running counter to a backward patriarchal paradigm.
   Can they successfully overcome the gender warfare of our era to achieve their vision of Loving Female Authority, one man at a time? Or will the Women be thwarted in their efforts to live as Worshipped Wives?