The Art of M. J. Rennie


M. J. Rennie

“Darlene’s Permission - Part 1,” WEST COAST SWINGERS, June, 1996.
“Darlene’s Permission - Part 2,” WEST COAST SWINGERS, July, 1996.
“Lacy Sunday,” SEXY LETTERS, June, 1997.
“In Front of Others,” KINKY, August, 1997.
“Down Home Girls,” PENTHOUSE LETTERS, December, 1997.
“Bottoming Out,” HOT STUFF, June, 1998.
“To Be Properly Trained,” PINK FLAMINGO FREE STORIES, December, 2000.
“Cruising with Vicki and Marge,” LEATHER, LACE, and LUST Anthology, VENUS BOOKS, November, 2003. (republished) BERKLEY HEAT, December, 2005.
“Unfolding Her Wings,” PINK FLAMINGO FREE STORIES, September, 2008.
The Thrill of the Chaste, PINK FLAMINGO FREE STORIES, May, 2011.
My Own Little Alcatraz, BONDAGE BY THE BAY Anthology, RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, July, 2011.
“Domestic Servitude,” Free Erotic Short Stories (FESS), February, 2013.

Novels – Story Collections
“Permission/The Perfect Wife,” MASQUERADE BOOKS, April, 1999.
“How to Adore an Older Woman,” PINK FLAMINGO PUBLICATIONS, January, 2001.
“Plus Size Signe,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, November, 2003.
Permission,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, (republished) December, 2003.

“The Perfect Wife,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, (republished) March, 2004.
“How to Manage a Man,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, July, 2004.
“Slit Pantie Honeymoon,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, August, 2004.
“Submit, My Lovely,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, November, 2004.
“Absolute Submission,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, May, 2005.
“Male Chastity,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, October, 2006.
“Worshipped Wives,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, February, 2007.
“Alternate Eros,” PINK FLAMINGO PUBLICATIONS, March, 2008.
“The Alien Aphrodisiac,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, September, 2008.
Menage A Troll,” RENAISSANCE E BOOKS, June, 2010
Manhandling, PINK FLAMINGO PUBLICATIONS, April, 2012.
“A Femdom Omnibus,” PINK FLAMINGO PUBLICATIONS, October, 2012
Brotherhood Is Powerless, PINK FLAMINGO PUBLICATIONS, October, 2013.
Virtuoso Femdom for Manicured Hands,” PINK FLAMINGO PUBLICATIONS, February, 2015.

New! Begining in 2018, M. J. Rennie's books will republished, appearing as Emasculine Editions paperbacks, as shown below:

1. Permission and The Perfect Wife
2. Slit Panty Honeymoon and Other Erotic Stories
3. The Alien Aphrodisiac and Other Weird Sex Tales
4. How to Adore An Older Woman
5. Worshipped Wives
6. Absolute Submission
7. Rubio
8. Male Chastity
9. How to Manage a Man
10. Menage a Troll
11. Alternate Eros
12. Total Femdom
13. Manhandling
14. Brotherhood is Powerless
15. Virtuoso Femdom for Manicured Hands
16. A Femdom Omnibus
17. Gynetopia