The Art of M. J. Rennie

Slit Panty

Now in a new print edition!

Slit Panty Honeymoon
and Other Erotic Stories

slit panty scene

   M. J. Rennie's novels like PERMISSION, HOW TO MANAGE A MAN, and MALE CHASTITY invariably feature a self-assured, sexually aware, and mature woman in full possession of her powers. Mix in a little light discipline and the result is a collection of fantasies that will make you smile, turn you on, and linger in your memory.   
   Here are the original 1990s pulp stories by this unique author. Meet the couple who spices up their night of nights with a SLIT PANTY HONEYMOON. You  will no doubt also enjoy HONEY HOLE, BEL AIRE BUTT ACTION, LACY SUNDAY, HILLBILLY WOMEN, and NIGHT DEPOSIT, along with many other juicy offerings in this stimulating and wide-ranging selection.
   Discover why one UK reviewer says "M. J. Rennie is funny! Lots of wit and puns and name-playing. Also his tenderness and poignancy."
   Enjoy these intriguing interactions between an eager, submissive man and a seasoned, sophisticated woman.