The Art of M. J. Rennie

Total Femdom


total cover

     M. J. Rennie’s sizzling collection of short stories TOTAL FEMDOM pays homage to dominant women in relationships ranging from the fantastic to the familiar. Our sexy take-charge heroines flaunt their feminine powers in settings as varied as a post-apocalyptic nightmare world to the fringes of outer space, with sedate suburban neighborhoods supplying most of the locations in between.
     TWO TIMES PAY features an attractive woman and her male partner, who work hard throughout the week, reserving their evenings and weekends for gaming, drinking, and Feminine Dominant sex.
     DWEEB WITH A BRIGHT FUTURE tells of a nerdy young man with little knowledge of the opposite sex who meets a young woman with decidedly advanced ideas.
     In CARTOON UNIVERSE, an aging scientist remembers the thousands of times he has submitted to his sexually provocative wife, recalling why their encounters never cease to thrill him.
     Title tale TOTAL FEMDOM tells of a Feminist cult that takes a professional seducer in hand after his most recent conquest, putting him at the mercy of the woman he intended to rob!
     These stories and many more demonstrate why M. J. Rennie is among our most accomplished authors in the Femdom genre.

     ADULTS ONLY. Retro cover art by Rebecca.