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The Art of M. J. Rennie


5.0 out of 5 stars

A Man Who Likes Women

2 July 2012

By Mrs. Angela Farmer
Femdom Forever
Format: Kindle Edition - Amazon United Kingdom

   M. J. Rennie keeps getting better. There is no padding or faking but plenty of surprises in his alternative worlds. Just when we get comfortable he slaps us with a quick shot of something unexpected that makes us think again. This is socio-historical comment with a high feminist awareness. And he is funny! Lots of wit and puns and name-playing. And of course the tenderness and poignancy. It shines through. His characters spring off the page with so much freshness and veracity one feels one can hear the voice of the man... and he has made the genre his own.


Femdom Forever
By M. J. Rennie
Published by Renaissance E Books

   Femdom stories are few and far between.  Many of the femdom stories I’ve read contain a cruel uncaring Domme and a wimpy male slave.  Many times the male slave is treated in a manner which is impalpable to me.  There seems to be a certain lack of love between the two.  I am pleasantly surprised and pleased in FEMDOM FOREVER, this is not the case.

   This volume one contained one main story and excerpts of several other works by M.J. Rennie.  The main story is titled PERMISSION.  In this story, Mark becomes the husband of Darlene.  Darlene is a sexually aware woman who knows what she wants and lustfully trains Mark to give it to her.  The training of Mark blew my mind. 

   The sensuality of it plus the possibilities of sexual delight made me very envious of Darlene.  It also makes me question, is this really possible in reality?  Can a man be trained to come on command as it is described in this book?  Can male multiple orgasms really exist?  More importantly, where do I buy one of these “Mama san” chairs?

   The sexual interludes in this story are hot.  I stayed in a constant state of arousal and desperately wanted to jump my spouse as soon as I finished the book.  The loving D/s between Darlene and Mark is something I’d desire my marriage to become.  In my case, I’d like to be the “Mark” in the D/s relationship.

   I want to specifically mention the writing style of author Rennie.  It is refreshingly well done.  The story line flowed.  The plot was simple yet captivating.  The level of writing is such I haven’t seen in a long time.  It reminds me of the British erotic novels I used to purchase back in the early 2000s.  The vocabulary and overall tightness of the storyline feels more like a contemporary literary novel rather than a fluffy mind candy read.  It isn’t often I find an erotic author who writes in literary style.  M.J. Rennie is now on my short list of “must read” authors.

   The remaining sections of this book were an excerpt of M.J. Rennie’s other books.  These tasty tidbits were enough to send me on a buying splurge.  I recommend this book to BDSM readers who want a loving TPE exchange with the woman in control.

--Reviewed by Book Addict April, 2012

Alternate Eros, Femdom Stories from a Parallel Universe
by M. J. Rennie

   In this book, the author presents a series of fifteen short stories.  The stories are billed as being set in a separate universe, parallel to our own. Though, in some cases that separate universe doesn’t seem so very far away at all. 

   There are a variety of story styles, from a haunting ghost story to a story I might almost expect to find on a science fiction web site.  All have elements of female domination.  Most have submissive males.  A notable exception is The Sperm War, which involves a female slave under contract to a major corporation. 

   As the name implies, it also includes elements of male domination.  I enjoyed this one very much and, like several of the short stories, would like to read more about this particular setting.  I guess that’s the mark of a good short story!

    I enjoy stories about submission in the context of a loving couple.  This book has several stories along those lines.  In Domestic Servitude, a young man confesses his desire to become his fiancé’s slave.  Obligatory Moon Shot begins with the statement that “Ideally, a husband should be a slave first and a husband second.”  Mari Complaisant mixes domestic servitude with enforced chastity and cuckolding. In Fit for Command and A Mother Daughter Pair, dominant young ladies carry on their family tradition of dominating and controlling the man in their lives. 

   My favorite in this collection is Malyssa’s Dark Side, where a dominant lady begins to expand her slave/husband’s submission to include others. 

   In general the collection contains a lot of feminine dominance and control…erotic and otherwise. There is not a lot of harsh punishment and bondage scenes, and I might like to see some of the stories expanded into full-length novels.

   If you like the idea of feminine dominance and how it might fit into society if things were only slightly different from what we know, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this collection as much as I did.

Reviewed by Dub Parker
Published by Pink Flamingo Publications, Copyright 2008

Submit, My Lovely
By M. J. Rennie

He is the chief photographer of Rubio magazine, and Claudia Hubbard is the creator and owner of Rubio. She is his boss at work, as well as in the bedroom. He will do anything to please her. This anonymous male submissive, photo guy as he is called, tells the story of his very sexy quest to please Claudia.

Rubio magazine celebrates redheads and also produces porn movies on the side. These are movies in which the photo guy stars, along with several anonymous redheads. The adventure starts when Claudia and the photo guy receive an amateur adult video starring Lucinda & Dinah.

Rubio magazine is always in search of the elusive Red Harriet, a pubic adornment that is shaped like an "H". Claudia and the photo guy can certainly see from the video that both ladies obviously possess this rare treasure. Therefore, Claudia sends him to a town called Slateville where he meets these dominant ladies, as well as another domme, Tatiana.

Submit, My Lovely! is a very hot and sexy read from author M. J. Rennie. The characters are three dimensional and truly interesting. This story is not for everyone, however. If you are not into BDSM and much more kinky stuff, do not even bother. If, like me, you love to read anything and everything steamy then this one is a definite keeper!

Dawn McKiness
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance