The Art of M. J. Rennie

Absolute Sub

ab sub front

   Elegant comic erotica from M. J. Rennie!

   Absolute Submission explores the emotions that underlie loyalty and love, infidelity and betrayal, dominance and submission. Exquisitely explicit scenes with witty adult dialogue take center stage in this swinging romance.
   As long as they live, human beings strive to connect physically with one another. Although desperately unhappy with the arid relationship he endures with his wife Crystal, Martin James becomes resigned to a life of sexual denial. When chance brings him together with his former lover Veronica, fires that have smoldered fpr years suddenly re-ignite.

   Even  more to Martin's liking, he learns that Veronica has developed an appetite for sexual behaviors that are far outside the mainstream, and she wants nothing more than for her rediscovered lover to share her dark, deviant desires. Once he is fully in her thrall, Veronica embarks on a program to dispense with the last of Martin's inhibitions, engineering a final, freaky surprise.  Absolute Submission is a richly sensual masterpiece that raises the erotic genre to a whole new level of literary distinction.