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The Art of M. J. Rennie



By M. J. Rennie

   M. J. Rennie’s SUBMIT, MY LOVELY is finely crafted femdom fiction, a compelling erotic novella that celebrates assertive, independent, red-haired women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.
   The story begins when staff at the skin magazine RUBIO are alerted to the existence of Lucinda Ceausescu, a woman possessed of a perfect mound of red pubic hair.
   Lucinda’s ideal adornment is known to pubic hair aficionados as the fabled “Red Harriet.” Immediately, RUBIO publisher Claudia Hubbard dispatches her top photographer to the town of Slateville, ordering him to investigate and photograph the woman blessed with the impeccable genital coiffure.
   Upon arriving in Slateville, our intrepid photographer finds his mission compromised, as Lucinda and her lascivious crimson-haired associates, Dinah Brand and Tatiana Pereshkova, take turns dominating him sexually.
   Unless Claudia Hubbard can safely spring her beloved photographer from the clutches of Dinah Brand and company, he may become permanently ensnared in their twisted sexual intrigues.
   SUBMIT, MY LOVELY contains vivid scenes of adult sexuality, including oral and anal sex, bondage, whipping, cross-dressing, bisexuality, submission and dominance.


An excerpt from the 2004 M. J. Rennie novel, Submit, My Lovely...


   Our next picture project called for two sex slaves, one male and one female, to be used by a group of dominant women. We assumed our places on the set and played our parts. A couple of times, I sneaked a peek at Lucinda, who looked just fabulous in her beautiful red Odress.
   When Lady Kathleen entered the dungeon area, her personal attendants (Lucinda and me) knelt reverently on padded cushions at her sides.
   Our eyes stayed low, aimed at the floor.
   The camera immediately focused on Lady Kathleen, High Mistress of Oceania, and the most sexually dynamic person in our world.
   As an enhancement to her natural erotic charisma, Lady Kathleen wore her own custom-designed Odress, which showed off her superb figure, especially her lovely legs.
   In contrast to her slaves, who wore basic uniform style red Odresses, Lady Kathleen wore a short, tight-fitting white Odress evening gown, high heels, and, around her midriff, a stiff white bodice. At the junction of the skirt and bodice, a black satin sash encircled her waspish waist.
   Her skirt was slit down the middle, both back and front, to allow Lady Kathleen’s slaves instant access when she ordered them to kiss or suck her genitals.
   “Greetings Ladies,” Lady Kathleen said. After briefly explaining her planned demonstration, Lady K. ordered us to prostrate ourselves, touching our foreheads to the floor. This position caused the backs of our Odress skirts to fall open, exposing our bottoms. Lady Kathleen then made sport with us, whipping Lucinda’s bottom and mine with a white leather flogger she produced from a loop on her sash.
   THA-WACK! THA-WACK! We took our blows silently.
   Lady Kathleen laughed. Her laughter was well modulated, employing the confident tones of unmistakable leadership. As the red light of the camera glowed, Lady K. addressed an imaginary throng:
   “Welcome to Oceania! Our slaves are here to begin their training. By that, we mean they will learn to develop habits of automatic obedience to their chosen Mistresses. Make no mistake: the training here will be extremely arduous.”
   Following her carefully devised script, Lady Kathleen laid it on thick. She made a speech that would surely give the movie viewers plenty to ponder, because it went right to the heart of why so many people in the modern era want to obey a dominant woman.
   “In the old patriarchal society,” Lady Kathleen said, “women often had such a low opinion of themselves that they felt they did not deserve love. They spent their entire lives trying to win the heart of a person, generally a man, who was either indifferent to or actually abusive toward them. They believed that if they could change this person, it would mean they truly deserved love.”
   Lady Kathleen shook her beautiful head sadly, the red crown of her hair moving hardly at all. Her eyes suddenly blazed in anger at the thought of so much feminine unhappiness.
   “Nowadays, we all know better. Nowadays we teach men, and frequently women, how to be perfect slaves to the dominant woman they love. When we are successful, everyone has the life and love they truly deserve.”
   The off-camera audience burst into sustained applause. To silence it, Lady Kathleen raised a slender hand.
   “Until the Social Revolution, dominant women were a special and rather exclusive order. Now that we occupy a position people are starting to call ‘mainstream,’ our responsibility is clear. What was rare in the past has become increasingly common. And that is why so many slaves eagerly seek out training. Despite the more widespread acceptance of our lifestyle, the competition to be an abject slave to a dominant woman is still very keen. This has always been the case. Some of you will not make the grade because we have concluded that, as a prospective slave, you are not ready to adopt the proper habits, the proper attitudes. In the word we like to use here, failed slaves will be VAPORIZED.”

Below: A fetish drawing by famed artist Eric Stanton from the 1960s, suggestive of an environment similiar to the one portrayed in Submit, My Lovely.